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Gladiator Z68 Core i5 2500K 4.50GHz Overclocked Bundle

Stock may vary from item pictured. Retail pictures do not guarantee retail products.

Intel 2nd Generation Core i5-2500K Overclocked @ 4.50GHz*, Integrated Intel HD3000 Graphics, ASUS P8Z68-V LE Intel Z68 (REV B3) Socket 1155 DDR3 PCI-Express Motherboard, 4GB Mushkin Blackline #996659B (2x2GB) DDR3 1600MHz 9-9-9-24, Corsair Cooling Air Series A50 Performance CPU Cooler.

This item is currently discontinued and at present, we have no replacement on order.
Quickcode: 44489  
Stock code: SYI-INTB-Z68-ENTRY
Manuf. code: Z68-ENTRY
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Read the full OC3D review here.

Aria Gladiator Z68 Award OC3D

FREE CPU Overclocking up to 4.50GHz*
• Intel Core i5-2500K (Sandybridge) Socket LGA1155 Processor
• Integrated Intel HD3000 Graphics
• 4GB Mushkin Blackline #996659B (2x2GB) DDR3 1600MHz 9-9-9-24
• ASUS P8Z68-V LE Intel Z68 (REV B3) Socket 1155 DDR3 PCI-Express Motherboard
• Corsair Cooling Air Series A50 Performance CPU Cooler
• Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound


• 4.50GHz Quad-Core CPU*
• Intel® Z68 Chipset
• 4GB 1600MHz Dual Channel DDR3 (Max. 32GB)
• DirectX 10.1 via the integrated Intel HD3000 GPU
• Video Outputs: 1x D-Sub, 1x DVI-D, 1x HDMI
• 4x USB3.0 Ports
• 12x USB2.0 Ports
• 2x SATA 6GB/s Ports
• 4x SATA 3GB/s Ports
• Gigabit LAN
• High Definition 8 Channel Audio CODEC
• Expansion slots: Expansion slots: 2x PCIe 2.0 x16 Slots (single x16, dual x16/x4) & 1x PCIe x1 Slot

*Due to the unpredictability and nature of Overclocking, we will provide an OC from 4.30-4.50GHz.

Warranty Information:

Manufacturer gladiator computers
Warranty Type Aria Warranty Only
Manufacturer Website
Warranty Period (yrs)1

Comments, Questions & Reviews:

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Question  PSU by Pip

hey, i was considering this bundle along with the Asus GeForce GTX 560Ti (43564). Would all of this run off an enermax 500w psu?

Answer by daniele on Thursday, October 20, 2011
Whilst I cannot guarantee compatibility, that should be ok

Question  Upgrade by hoyage

Hi I am thinking about getting this upgrade I currently have the TX750 PSU with a GTX260 GC but would be looking to upgrade that in the future and 4 SATA drivers. Will the PSU be fine with this setup and what if i placed a GTX560 in the future.

Answer by philm on Wednesday, October 5, 2011
Yes the Corsir TX 750w will cope absolutely fine with your new proposed configuration.

Question  Memory Not 1600MHz by MIchael JC

I have installed system and the memory is shown as 1333MHz and not 1600 as on the order.

On further investigation it would appear have overclocked to 4.4GHz and not the 4.5GHz (44489) as I ordered. But it is the correct motherboard Asus P8Z68-V LE.

The label on the package shows it as 4.5GHz as does the enclosed invoice and I only noticed the difference once installed.

Answer by daniele on Monday, September 26, 2011
As the item description clearly states:
"FREE CPU Overclocking UP TO 4.50GHz*
*Due to the unpredictability and nature of Overclocking, we will provide an OC from 4.30-4.50GHz."
So as you can see, a 4.5GHz overclock was never guaranteed and the actual overclock of 4.4GHz falls within the acceptable range as stated in the item description.
As for the RAM, there is clearly something going on here. Please contact [email protected] or 08449998999 where our team will do our best to assist you. Alternativly, If you are nearby, you can bring your system into our PC Lab and our technicians will take a look.

Question  Motherboard by Stevedadswell

Hi Guys,

Am very interested in this bundle, along with an SSD (possibly the plextor which is/was on offer?)

I know this is the LE version of the motherboard, i've tried to look around at the specs but just wondered what the difference is between this and the "non-LE" board? i would have thought this was higher spec but possibly looks like the opposite is true?
Also just wondered how good the onboard graphics is on this for a non-gamer like me? is it good enough for now until i can afford a separate graphics card?

Apologies if i'm missing something obvious!

Answer by daniele on Wednesday, September 14, 2011
There are many small changes between the two, most notably the lack of bluetooth in the LE model and the swapping of one PCIe 2.0 x16 for a PCIe 2.0 x1. You can use the compare list feature of the ASUS website to see a complete listing of the differences: &

Onboard graphics are fine for day-to-day use of a computer and for everything except the most demanding applications (gaming, audio/image/video editing)

Question  Bundle selection? by Joseph C


I was looking at this bundle, the Gladiator Z68 Core i5 2500K 4.50GHz Overclocked Bundle, but i also noticed that another overclocked bundle was the same price, but is slightly different, the Gladiator P67 Core i5 2500K 4.60GHz Overclocked Bundle, but i wasnt sure which one is better.

This one has intergrated graphics, which im not fussed about, and the chipset is newer and seems a bit more high tech, but is the other bundle better or more expandable than this?

Thank you

Answer by andrewn on Monday, September 12, 2011
They are fairly comparable really, the major difference is the chipsets. Personally I'd go with this one because integrated graphics are handy if your graphics card ever blows up, and this gives you the option of intel's SSD cacheing technology should you want to try it, but overall there's really not much in it.
Answer by daniele on Monday, September 12, 2011
The main differences between the bundles 44489 and 44082 is the speed of the overclock (4.5 vs 4.6Ghz) and the motherboard (ASUS P8Z68-V LE vs MSI P67A-G45). Both have different speed memory and different amounts of ports so you need to read through the spec and decide which configuration suits you the most. Personally, I would go for 44489
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