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Aria are an Intel Gold Technology Provider
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What is Aria Multibuy?

Aria Multibuy is a new way to make multiple savings when you place an order. You're no longer restricted to buying just one Super Special product - you can buy multiple selected Super Special deals, and buy more than one at any one time.

How does it work?

You can now buy one normal Super Special, just like before - however, now you can add as many additional Multibuy products as you like up to a set quantity per Multibuy product.

Which products are available on Multibuy?

MultibuyMultibuy products are marked with a banner on both the product information page and on the super special pages. The quantity you are limited to is indicated by the drop down menu on the product info page and on the basket. You can order any quantity of each of these Multibuy products up to this maximum.


  • Only one 'normal' Super Special per order.
  • Any number of the 'Multibuy' deals can be added to your basket.
  • The quantity per Multibuy deal is limited - it may be 1 only, or 5 per order, or 10 - you can buy any quantity you like up to this maximum.