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Radio Control Large Helicopter Yellow

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This item is currently discontinued and at present, we have no replacement on order.
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Stock code: GAD-RCH-9093
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Remote controlled helicopters? Aren't they expensive? Nope! Aren't they difficult to control? No! Are they incredibly addictive? YES! Take one of these for a whizz around the garden and you won't be able to stop! Comes complete with mains charger
  • Two Motors Helicopter with Lithium battery and Protection system
  • Two Channel Radio Control.
  • Square transmitter - 8AA-12V - order 2x GAD-BATT-AA
  • Flying time - About 10 minutes
  • Please note: Operation of the helicopter is not suitable for children.
  • For ages 14 and over
    Had a crash and crippled your chopper? Click here for spare parts!!

    Warranty Information:

    Manufacturer generic
    Warranty Type Aria Warranty Only
    Manufacturer Website
    Aria Warranty Only? Yes

    Comments, Questions & Reviews:

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    idea by montana11164

    just had a good idea, tie a bright coloured but thin line to the heli the tie it to a weight, make the line long but not to long then when you crash it u can follow the string, also if in a tree (like mine was) you can just pull on the string and its down it could brake the skid but at only a quid it not expense to replace. Also if this is your first, buy a spare set of blades and skids ( I broke both on my first go, full speed into a tree then into the second story window and fell with a big bang). Great buy!!!

    two channel fun by Sean

    was sent one of these in error by a competitor of aria. brilliant fun, and the easiest large chopper to fly. quite robust and can take quite a few knocks. you have to counter the rotor as you take off then yaw the other way once you're up but its quite easy once you've had a couple of goes, and it is really quite powerful. loads of fun and cheap. look for spares on as well as here (aria). i fitted a new motor to mine. buy one.

    Response by paulc
    thanks for your input :)

    Question  Balance Bar by scotchmizzed

    Hi there we have just flown it and it's brill but after my daughter crashed it I have broke the balance bar which as the name sounds helps it's balance. Now i tried the website

    and they had one for 2.50 dollars but they want 20 dollars posting which is rather expensive and i don't want to bin it for this, can you provide me with anywhere else i can get this little piece of plastic as i've not had a shot of it. :)

    Answer by firas on Wednesday, April 9, 2008
    No worries please call our customer service and they will be able to help you with this:)

    blades by bantum

    Can you get spare blades for these?

    Response by firas
    Yeb - speak to customer service

     What a bargain! by Flymo

    At the super-special price this is an unmissable bargain! It is a soundly built semi-scale Hughes/Schweitzer model 300 lokalike with a single main rotor with balance bar and an anti-torque tail rotor that controls it in yaw.

    No cyclic or collective, but the main rotor throttle control launches it well into the air on command, usually with a bit of tail swing as the anti-torque struggles with the inertia of the main rotor spinning up. This can be quickly caught using the yaw control after a bit of practice.

    It makes its way through the air very steadily, and is an ideal (and bargain price) upgrade for someone used to a smaller machine such as the Picoo Z. Also suitable for a first time helo flyer, but a bit big for most living rooms. Recommended!

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