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Arctic Silver Ceramique 2 Thermal Compound - 2.7g

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Improve the cooling of your CPU, GPU or chipset with this excellent compound from Arctic Silver

This item is currently discontinued and at present, we have no replacement on order.
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Tri-Linear Ceramique Content
Like the original Ceramique, Ceramique 2 uses only ceramic fillers so it is neither electrically conductive nor capacitive. The tri-linear composite of aluminium oxide, zinc oxide and boron nitride allows the thinnest possible bond line with modern processors, heatsinks and electronics. Critically-sized particles and new ultra-high shear mixing techniques maximize Ceramique 2's thermal performance and help maintain a stable homogeneous suspension. This exclusive combination provides performance exceeding most metal based compounds.

Warranty Information:

Manufacturer arctic silver
Warranty Type Aria Warranty Only
Manufacturer Website
Manufacturer Phone 0906 47 00 309
Warranty Period (yrs)1
Aria Warranty Only? Yes

Comments, Questions & Reviews:

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A couple of tips... by Alan

Don't get confused by the term 'non-conductive'.
There is more than one type of conductivity.
Because this product is designed to reduce heat some people are assuming that 'non-conductive' refers to HEAT. This would certainly be a problem, since heat conduction is the transfer of thermal energy, allowing the heat to 'flow' to a cooler surface.
The 'non-conductive' properties referred to in this ceramic- based paste is electricity.
This is a great advantage when working on any PC or laptop components, since there is no danger of causing an electrical short and blowing your cpu or graphics chip. Because spreading these pastes can be a wee bit messy, just a tiny bit of it across a couple of pins on your costly CPU could be disastrous.
To summarize: you want to be 'highly conductive' with regards to heat, and 'non-conductive' with regards to electricity.
Hope this clears up the ambiguity.
For cleaning old or excess paste off chips and fingers use wet wipes (I use the ones from LIDL) or alcohol wipes, and leave for a few minutes till totally dry

Comment by David

Can you tell me if this is suitable to be used on a laptop, i have recently upgraded an old inspiron 3800 to a 750mhz mmc2 cpu but am having some serious heat problems, 90 degrees + underload. Im currently using artic silver 2 with this.

Comment by c m twigg

Was doubtfull this would make any difference but my athlon xp 2800 is now running 15 degrees cooler. Never above 45C even when playing games. A good product.

Comment by Matt

Is this stuff wothwhile putting on an amd 64 3000? I mean is it abousloety 100% vital? Or is it a good idea? Cheers

Response by Rob D
It's not essential, most heatsinks come with some kind of thermal interface material, this is just better that's all.

Comment by Monty

Re Jon's comments! It all becomes obvious when you read paragraphs 2&3 in the above mentioned information.

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