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Intel Core 2 Quad Extreme QX6700 2.66GHz (775)

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BX80562QX6700, 1066MHz FSB, 8192KB Cache

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Stock code: CPU-I-QX6700
Manuf. code: BX80562QX6700
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Announcing Intel Core2 Quad Processor Brand
Intel leads with quad-core technology Our upcoming quad-core performance desktop processor will be named the Intel Core2 Quad processor. Formerly known by the codename Kentsfield, the Intel Core 2 Quad processor is based on the Intel Core microarchitecture, Intel's industry-leading foundation for energy efficient performance, and when launched early next year will be the world's first mainstream desktop processor to feature four processing cores.
The '2' signifies that this new product is a member of the Intel Core 2 processor family. Just as 'Duo' means dual-core, 'Quad' will indicate the number of processing cores in each product.
Extreme goes quad-core too
Intel also announced that, in addition to a dual-core version launched in July, the Intel Core2 Extreme processor brand will now include a quad-core version to be launched later this year. Buyers will be able to identify each version through both the full product name and unique processor number.
Both of these new processors will feature industry-leading Intel quad-core technology and will extend the performance and technology leadership of the Intel Core2 processor brand.

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Manufacturer intel
Warranty Type Direct with Manufacturer
Manufacturer Website
Warranty Period (yrs)3

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Question  Question by computeridiot

This is probably a very stupid question to all you experts but which Vista software would run better 32bit or 64bit .

Answer by Philip on Tuesday, February 27, 2007
There's very little benefit of 64bit windows on Intel CPUs - AMDs get a performance improvement.

Comment by Aaron

To Jim. The X6800. I believe he "X" signifies that it is part of the Core2Extreme line as opposed to the Core2Duo. The 6800 is the model number. The chip is made up of 2x2.93Ghz cores. The QX6700. The "Q" siginifies it is a QUAD model, and therefore has 4 cores instead of 2. Again, the X=Extreme. 6700 again is the model number. The individual core speed is lower, as it runs at 2.66Ghz, but there are 4 of them (4x2.66Ghz cores), so overall, it will be hugely faster. The model number seems to relate to the individual core speed, instead of the overall speed of the whole chip. Hope that makes sense! :)

Response by Nick
cheers Aaron

Comment by Mikey

Jim, the X6800 has the higher clock speed as you would expect, @ 2.93GHz. The E6700 and QX6700 both clock at 2.66GHz but the e6700 has two cores and the QX6700 has four cores (quad = four, hence the QX - Quad eXtreme). The lower clock speed will be offset by a faster FSB and twice the number of cores processing, ideal for multi tasking applications.

Comment by Jim

Okay, here's the confusion I have with the new Intel Naming Scheme... 'QX' '6700' or 'X' '6800' -- which is faster. You would think that the higher number '6800' would be the faster chip, but that one doesn't have the 'Q' in its name, only an 'X'. The one with the 'QX' has a lower number, so does that make it slower, or does having the 'Q' make it faster in some way? I hope Intel find a way to name their processors so that even technical people will understand which chip is which.

Comment by Anthony

What cooling would you recomend? Will a decent fan do it? or is liquid a must?

Response by Chris R
You will need a decent 775 cooler, i'd stick to something meaty to keep all those 4 cores cool... Scythe / Zalman / Gigabyte / Arctic cooling etc
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